Owen injury recovery or return to training on Thursday comeback playoffsJames Wong – garrote foul un

Owen return to training or injury healed comeback playoffs Thursday

Beijing on April 2, according to ESPN reports, the Cavaliers guard Carey – Owen in Beijing on Wednesday participated in the first two weeks of training since the injury since, and is expected to return in Thursday’s game against the Magic .

Owen Knight on March 16 against the Lakers in the biceps injury, after two weeks of recovery, Owen said good physical condition now.

“I feel good, back to training feeling good,” Owen said, “For two weeks, I can only sit on the bench, which is very difficult for me, but as usual, if I can not play, I was the team’s cheerleaders. “

Owen is not yet determined whether to play Thursday’s game, he will do it in consultation with the team medical staff after shooting training.

“If I decide to play, John Wall Shoes I can not think of any reason to stop me, but we all know, everyone has their reasons, you have to respect their opinions in the NBA, but as a basketball player, there is always an inherent power motivate you to return as soon as possible. “

In fact, Thursday’s game was very important for the Cavs. Currently ranked 10th in the Eastern Cavaliers and ranked eighth in just under three Eagles wins, so the possibility of multi-team playoff to win a game on an increase of one. When Owen sidelined, the Cavaliers won four wins and four losses record. After playing the Magic, Cavaliers will play against the Eagles in Saturday’s game.

James Wong: garrote foul unsure whether malicious Spoelstra: whistled right

Heat defeated the Bobcats 101-97 at home today, won the first round of the playoffs in the first two games, and now they a 2-0 lead. Final moments of the game a little adventure, the Bobcats appeared very tenacious, Cheap Nike KD 6 once the score closer, the Heat is some cold sweat.

Heat coach Spoelstra admitted after the game the team at some stage there has been decreased energy, decreased concentration, for the last time Wade’s defense, Adams gave a handsome compliment. For opponents battle array Injured Jefferson, Adams handsome is praised him as “a real tough guy.”

in the distal, LeBron was the Bobcats with Mike Roberts “garrote” action down, but the referee did not blow foul, after the game, a reporter asked whether Spoelstra had obtained from the referees interpretation of the sentencing, Adams handsome direct answer: “This whistled in my opinion no one is reasonable.”

“My elbow in the throat directly, which is obviously a physical contact, which is not very good feeling,” LeBron said after the party, “It is a foul, but I also do not know whether should be regarded as a flagrant foul, but I did not need to go re-read the ball. ”

“I think that the ball seems to be worse than the actual situation …… so we feel like a very serious, but I was not intentional,” Mike Roberts said, “We have to come up with a better performance is, We played not very good. ”

LeBron today surrendered 32 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals. He did not much about this episode, but soon began to sum up the victory.

“protective home for us has always been an important task, of course, we can play even better than today’s performance, we should have played better performance is,” LeBlanc said.

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