Liverpool purchase Italian genius succession Jie team signings or restricted budget cut

Liverpool purchase Italian genius succession Jie team signings or restricted budget cut “insight into the offside” screenshot

although Gerrard is still running on the pitch, but no one knows, has played 650 times for Liverpool Jagged captain has come to the end of his career, coach Rogers was time for him to find a suitable successor. In recent years, Gerald II after another, but no single player can really replace the Liverpool captain, British media “insight into the offside,” sources said, has again started looking for coach Gerald Rogers suitable successor, and then eyeing Yule Jin Huo. The players, aged 22, the functional attacking midfielder, Brazil and Italy have dual citizenship, is currently the Italian U2eam effectiveness, Genoa youth system players trained in 20 to the first team last season, helping the team promoted Serie.

this season, Youerjinhuo played extremely well, scoring rie A games 7 goals 4 assists, is the Apennine one of the best midfield arena, it was his excellent play, let this newly promoted Serie A After the half tied with Inter Milan in fifth place, not only relegation worries, most want to help the team next season cup-tied. British media “insight into the offside,” citing Italian media “transfer market” message, Liverpool just invested 8.3 million pounds (about euros) can sign Youerjinhuo. Winger position, Liverpool boss Rodgers was undoubtedly adidas adipower howard 3 the most valued Salah, known as Basel winger Lionel Messi Egypt was very close to Anfield, but the fee issue, the deal has not yet been implemented.

British media, “Daily Mail” reported that the Basel on Salah valuation reached pounds, while Liverpool psychological price is only half or a little more, so Rogers signed Salah, the need to spend big effort job. The newspaper pointed out that once Liverpool close to

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Suarez back after nearly broke the state still needs time to get back to the top

Suarez back after nearly broke the state still needs time to get back to the top

yesterday Carling Cup match against Manchester United, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez ban in applause and boos in the back, he used to demonstrate that their status is good, but very rusty and his teammates. Obviously, the Soviet Union needed a few games to get back tooth and teammates understanding.

Liverpool last weekend league is Southampton upset, let’s absence Kudiniao offensive mess. And in starves when the mouth, Suarez ended the ch ban, return to the game. Before suspension, he played nine times for Liverpool scored eight goals, described the power of infinity. And since this year’s April to “bite the arm Ivan” was banned after the game, the Uruguayans have he time did not participate in the race on behalf of Liverpool. Yesterday a war though just a League Cup match, Suarez personal status is good, but it is difficult to help the team score.

game, Suarez several individual performances are fairly successful, one shot hit the crossbar on the Red Army almost become the best scoring chance yesterday. The first 69 minutes, Liverpool, Manchester United a corner siege, Suarez left rib cage to pick the ball ters over Bitner, and Nike Lebron 11 then directly left foot volley, the ball hit the side-line; the first 72 minutes, Suarez free kick ball, hit the ball off the crossbar; 89 minutes, Suarez Qianchangduanqiu biography, unguarded door did not play well in Fig laser. In addition, he made a personal breakthrough Phil Jones yellow card.

although did not score, but Suarez’s performance in the Red Army in the absolute top three. Because Manchester United starting lineup, only Wayne Rooney, Rafael Degea and is just back from the main, Hernandez, Evans and Bitner, who even before the season starts over, but Liverpool is sent all the main.

Interestingly, this group is relying feather bench, Moyes after the end of the embarrassing record of continuous strong dialogue coached the Red Devils victorious. Game, scoring for Manchester United this season for the first time starting a small pea Hernandez. From the audience’s point of view the process, he and Wayne Rooney combined effect of the combination is clearly better than the Manchester derby last weekend Welbeck and Rooney. And compared Welbeck, Hernandez is the same run, to attract the attention of the superior defender, Rooney obviously no pressure on the big weekend, could easily organize the midfield. Proved to be more suitable as a small King James Sneakers pea Robin van Persie on the bench.